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TenMarks has launched a math practice and learning program for grades 3 - High School and as of today, it’s FREE for teachers to use in class or for their students to use at home.


The TenMarks approach gives students a variety of problems on each topic, and ability to use hints if they need a little nudge, and immediate video lessons for them to refresh and learn the topic – on the spot.  The end result – students refresh what they know and learn what they don’t.


Teachers choose their own curriculum (mapped to state standards), assign work to students, have it automatically graded immediately, review individual and class performance, and most importantly, take immediate action.  TenMarks is super effective and real easy to use – it was designed with the help of math teachers across the country.  What’s more - it's FREE for the entire class!

Check it out at http://www.tenmarks.com/teachers

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Do you know of any available research to show that TenMarks is effective?

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We have done a bunch of internal surveys with our active users in the past which points to TenMarks being effective for them. An overwhelming 93% of the respondents (parents) said that they would recommend TenMarks to others, 95% of the respondents (parents) also responded crediting TenMarks for helping their children develop and maintain their math skills.

We have also seen several active users parents & educators give us excellent feedback - (http://www.tenmarks.com/j-tmother-testimonials.action) clearly showing that TenMarks has been effective.

We launched the FREE teacher program three weeks ago and going by the number of teachers/students signing up on a daily basis as well as the usage of the program does indicate that the program is effective. In addition we have had several educators give us excellent feedback post their using the program in class :)

Let me know if you have any more questions

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