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My fellow eighth grade math colleagues and I are starting our own podcast & blog! We've decided that even though we represent three different teams of students our talk would be about our school, our PLC (Professional Learning Community) initiatives, and math! For our first recording we plan to focus our discussion around a book study (Mindset by Carroll Dweck), our implementation of Kagan structures, study skills, & parental tips for helping children at home. We welcome your suggestions for discussion topics and your feedback on the shows we produce. You will be able to follow our work at www.chinookmath.com in the coming weeks. In addition, our blog will feature the musings of our students about the work they do in class and the events around our school. Please join us on this exciting journey!

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This is exciting! You have discovered the power of collaboration - even across teams. This means that your work will impact your entire grade level - and probably your whole school. Congratulations!!

There are three math teachers at a school in our district who plan together all the time. In fact, they have it down to whose week it is to make all the copies for the whole grade level. When one teacher had to be absent unexpectedly, it was easy for the other teachers to guide the substitute so no learning was lost.

As you can imagine, this is also a great way to ensure that all students on a specific grade level have the same knowledge when they progress to the next grade.

Even better, it cuts the work load. While everyone still needs to grade papers, the other work is divided by three.

Congratulations on this outstanding idea!

May I include your link in a list of online middle level resources I plan to do for the NMSA conference next week?


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Thank-you! We are hoping to create a model that can be replicated throughout our district. I am hoping our enthusiasm for this project is felt by students & parents and builds into the kind of resource that is of value to parents.

You may absolutely include our link...thank-you!


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