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Over the summer I attended a wonderful webinar put on the the National Middle School Association called the "Digitally Connected Classroom." This site was one of a handful of online tools that was highlighted. So my question is, how do YOU stay digitally connected? Are you a twitterer? Do you use wikis, blogs, voicethreads in your classroom, or do you use of methods to stay up-to-date with best practices/trends?

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Interesting question, Ron.
I would love to find what websites people are using as well.

I am lucky that my school district subscribes to a web portal system that I can share information on. We used to use SchoolCenter, but now we use SchoolLoop. Each system has its pros and cons, but I am able to post my lessons, worksheets, videos (in some cases) and student grades (with security access). This is a great system for parents, but I can also share with other teachers there.

Of course, that is one way only. For dialog, I rely on Nings. Besides the Ning here, our CTAP (California Technology Assistance Project) has a Ning for sharing online digital practices. Unfortunately, many other types of connections are blocked in our district.

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Thanks for your reply Karolee. What grade/content do you teach?

Our district also uses SchoolCenter, but only as a webpage building application. Several staff members use it to post lesson plans, handouts, etc.. I don't think we use it to the fullest extent otherwise. I also rely on Nings...this one, Classroom 2.0, and MiddleTalk. There are also several podcasts that I subscribe to via iTunes (MiddleSchoolMatters, Teachers Teaching Teachers, and KidCast among others). Are you familiar with Voicethread? Do you blog with your students?

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